Atelier Lulua ~The Scion of Arland~

24/5/2019 Release

Coming soon

Once again, the hands of the clock have begun to move...The 4th main character of the Arland series, Rorona's daughter.

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"Atelier Rorona" marked the
beginning of the "Arland" series.
And now, following the events of "Atelier Totori" and "Atelier Meruru," comes an all new story. The latest title is set in a world proceeding the story of "Atelier Meruru." The title depicts how characters and locations have changed over time. Set in a world both nostalgic and new,
the curtain lifts on another adventure for the alchemists.

An impulsive, yet devoted young girl.

Elmerulia Fryxell (Lulua) 

Rorona. That's the name of my beloved mother.

A dear childhood friend.

Eva Armster

A girl who is always at Lulua's side, watching over her like a guardian angel.


Synthesis, exploration, and battle...
The system that defines the "Atelier"series.
While maintaining a system that fans of the "Arland" series will be familiar with at its core, this title also continues to evolve the system.
In addition, the title extracts the essence of the system, which has continued to be cultivated, all the way up from the series' roots to its latest numbered title.
A unique melding of such elements makes possible an entirely new gaming experience.
We hope you look forward to new information regarding this game as it becomes available!